CrossFit is a general strength and conditioning program based on functional movement performed at high intensity.  For those looking for broad general physical preparedness this is your program.  From endurance exercise such as rowing or running to single rep max lifts such as the back squat, shoulder press and deadlift; nothing is left out of CrossFit training. You will find your strengths and weaknesses with this program and achieve a new level of fitness. No matter what sport you play or what job you do this is a good fitness program for everyone, regardless of age.

  • $125 unlimited training (auto draft)*
  • $100 mil/fire/LEO/teach/stud unlimited training (auto draft)*
  • $90 three days a week (auto draft)*
  • $75 two days a week (auto draft)*
  • $200 family rate (auto draft)*
  • $325 three months in advance (auto draft)*
  • $60 two weeks in the area (applies to military folks TAD to Ft Jackson)
  • $100 punch card $10 per visit (45 day limit)
  • $20 for one time drop-in or buy a t-shirt
  • Ask us about group discounts

*10 day notice required to stop auto drafts.  You will not be refunded for failure to inform us of your cancellation.


Olympic Style Weightlifting is the only weightlifting sport in the Olympic games. It is comprised of three movements: the Clean and Jerk, and the Snatch. These lifts are the most explosive movements in all of sport. If you're looking to improve on all aspects of athletic movement then these lifts cannot be overlooked.  Power, strength, speed, and agility are maximized in the execution of these lifts.  All athletes regardless of sport should practice these lifts on a weekly basis.

  • $300 One time Programming & Training Fee.  Programs are six weeks.

strength Training

For those looking for pure strength gains this program is for you. Designed specifically for your goals, this training package comprises of seven major exercises: Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Dips, and Pull-ups. We will design a program based on your goals and work you through proper technique.

  • $300 One time Programming & Training Fee.  Programs are six weeks.


We guide all of our members on proper nutrition from day one.  We also offer Zone diet based programming and performance nutrition classes. Check our upcoming events for the next class.

  • $150 Fee for Zone diet based programming with follow-ups.  

Consults can be done in person or online.  Email if you are interested in a consult.