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See what people are saying about Sport of Fitness CrossFit

You should know your gym is unique. “Trust” is what I think of when I think of the gym. I was scared when I started, but because of the way you guys pay attention to form AND at the same time push beyond (my) assumed limit, I was able to trust you...then trust I could actually do what you said I could do. There are other gyms of course, but I wanted to let you know, yours stands out.
— Michell Pratt, Columbia SC
Not to take anything away from Oprah, but if you want to “live your best life” GET OFF THE COUCH and try one week of Crossfit! I was introduced to Sport of Fitness 6 months ago. I had never heard of Crossfit and thought I was pretty fit for 47. Little did I know... Over the years I’ve had a membership card at most local gyms. I showed up occasionally, wandered around aimlessly, and maybe even took a “zumba” class. None of them compare to Crossfit.

Sport of Fitness workouts include everything from jumping rope, sit-ups, and running, to pull-ups, kettlebells, and olympic style weight lifting. And, that’s just the beginning! There’s every type movement possible involved as well as expert nutrition couseling, and individualized training. There’s a place for you at SOF whether you’ve been a couch potato or are a seasoned athlete. Caring, professional, and highly skilled Owner/Coaches Bobbi and Brandon Millsaps are with you every step of the way. No more going through the motions and guessing if you’re performing a move correctly. Bobbi and Brandon put safety first for everyone and they also kick our butts when they know we’re capable of more. It’s a great balance!

There’s also a great sense of community or family at SOF. Sure, we compete against each other and the clock (hence the word sport), but you’ll never find a more encouraging or supportive group of folks. Don’t let another week slip by just thinking about a more fit you. Toss on a t-shirt and tennis shoes and try it for a week (first week’s free). C’mon if I can do it so can you!!
— Fran Smith, Columbia SC
I’ve known Brandon and Bobbi for many years now and highly recommend their training methods and programming to any athlete, beginner or advanced. I’m excited and glad to see Sport of Fitness CrossFit established. They have my full support and endorsement.
— Mike Burgener, USA Weightlifting Senior International Coach
I was given the opportunity to work with Brandon when I had trouble keeping up with the physical demands of the The Basic School (TBS). Struggling to hike with a pack and combat load equivalent to 100 pounds on my five foot tall body frame, I was forced to seek remediation through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Center of Excellence. After a period of two months, I completed a fitness regimen that Brandon personalized to my needs. He also trained and supervised me on the proper techniques and forms. Upon completion of TBS, one of the instructors commented that he was impressed by how well I performed physically because it is rare to see a student return and not struggle where weakness was initially displayed. I attribute my success to Brandon’s help and encouragement to reach new levels of fitness; I continue to utilize his workouts to this day.
— Second Lieutenant Kim Huynh, United States Marine Corps
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We’ve known Brandon and Bobbi for the past seven years. They epitomize the spirit of CrossFit. They are always willing to help in any way they can and the amount of support they show is astounding. Brandon has helped me with my olympic lifting and Bobbi held an awesome nutritional seminar at our facility to kick off an eight week challenge for my members. I would be hard pressed to find a couple that is more dedicated to excellence in training.
— Kent and Lisa Stamey, CrossFit Hickory
I have been training CrossFit for nearly three years now. I came to Sport of Fitness with over two years experience, and in the five months I trained there I made more gains in fitness then I did in my prior two years of training. The coaching and programming at Sport of Fitness are top notch. Bobbi and Brandon’s attention to detail on form and “CrossFitting” the right way definitely set you up for success. If you listen to them you WILL get results. Not only is the training top notch, but the environment is amazing. The SOF community is welcoming and friendly. Sport of Fitness is a great place to train and sets the bar for all other CF gyms.
— Second Lieutenant Dominic Kominos, United States Army
I was introduced to crossfit through Bobbi Millsaps’s husband through the Marine Corps Officer Selection Program. The workouts we did before I shipped out to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School helped me to adapt to the physical and mental rigors of that kind of training and environment. I continue to partake in the workouts on my own and whenever I can make it up to their gym on Clemson Rd. I’ve found that this program has complemented my skills as a martial artist and over all athlete. I would recommend Sport of Fitness to anybody, whether a beginner or advanced athlete. These crossfit workouts are guaranteed to push you to your limit and beyond. Not only that, but the staff are amazing. Not only do they coach on proper technique, they are also there to motivate and do the workouts themselves which says a lot about leadership by example. I give high marks to the program and even higher marks to Bobbi Millsaps, Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Millsaps, and the rest of the staff.
— Cameron Partlow, Columbia, SC
I will say that in the year + that I have been doing Crossfit, never in my life have I been more moved by a group of individuals who are more committed to changing their lives then those who live by Crossfit. I learned at my first afilliate Carolina Crossfit, where I met Bobbi for the first time, that she was a woman to reckon with. She reminded me of who I was when I was younger, and someone who I was trying to find once again. As someone who loves to compete in sports, but gets bored quite easily, being in a Crossfit gym helped satisfy what I was looking for. I learned at that gym, with her help and with the other’s help that I was capable of much more than sitting in a stuffy gym with dudes who can’t put thier arms down. I learnt that I was looking for that group mentality, but at the same time the individualistic mentality as well and Crossfit satisfied that.

I also have to say, that even though I have not been with an affiliate for over a year, having Bobbi and other’s in the Crossfit world has helped me achieve goals that I didn’t think I would be able to achieve on my own. WIth your words of encouragement from over 2000 miles away, you all have taught me that I can still do Crossfit (even if I get weird stares in the gym).

But, now we have a affiliate opening here soon in Casper Wy, and I am proud to say that the knowledge that I have gained from you all, will greatly help me in this gym, help me teach others what you have taught me and teach me that even with a new affiliate, I will still have the support of others to continue on in being the best I can be, and I will be able to achieve whatever I set my mind too. (sorry for being so long winded.... :) )
— Ariana in Casper, WY
Brandon and Bobbi are the epitome of what you want in a strength and conditioning staff. They are friendly, organized, and informative in their approach to teaching the methods, movements, nutrition and lifts but firm, aggressive and intense during your workout. Having someone to hold you accountable who pushes and challenges you is the key to achieving physical breakthroughs and personal records and they do just that. I cannot say with honesty or certainty that I would be where I am now without their help. I would recommend them to you, without hesitation, if you are the elite athlete or a first timer.”
— Captain John Soto, United States Marine Corps
When it comes to improving performance Brandon and Bobbi are the key. Their knowledge and understanding are paramount; they definitely know what works, but what sets them apart from other trainers is their ability to pull that 100% effort out of you each and every workout. You know every time you step into a workout that Brandon or Bobbi has programmed you’d better bring your A-game or it’s going to be a long day.
— George Lockhart, American Fight League Middle Weight Champion
Recently, I was looking over the Sport of Fitness web-site and I came across the testimonials page. For some reason, I’d never seen it before even though I have been to the site many times. The next time I was at the gym, I mentioned to Brandon that I’d seen it and asked him if I could write one…he said “sure, go for it.” And well, here it is…..

So as I was thinking about what to write, I realized how much my brief time at Sport of Fitness has impacted my life. The running joke in my family, especially with my kids, is that when I come home from working out, I tell them about my workout and then say “it was brutal.” Now when I start to mention my workout they all ask me, “was it brutal?” Now I say it was “grueling,” but they’re quick and have caught on.

While continuing to mull over what to write, the classic Jack Nicholson to Helen Hunt line in As Good As It Gets came to mind, “you make me want to be a better man” said Jack’s character Melvin, as he was trying to tell her how much he liked her. While not quite on that level, what popped into my head to describe my time at Sport of Fitness was…. “I really wish I would have found out about this when I was in my 20’s.” Gets the point across but not exactly compelling. So I kept thinking. Then I remembered what my good friend, Dr. Dan Cobb, told me as he was encouraging me to give it a try. He said “It will change your life” (Thanks again Dan for turning me on to Brandon and Bobbi and Sport of Fitness!). That was the testimonial that I was looking for. Short, sweet, and to the point. It already has changed my life. Over the course of just four and a half months, I’m already in better shape than I’ve been in in over 20 years (all jokes aside, I really do wish I’d found out about this in my 20’s).

Through the nutrition class taught by Bobbi I have a much better understanding of how different, simple classifications of food interact with my body and how important the balance and timing of feeding your body is to good health (and yes I can still knock back beers and bbq when the desire hits me..they’re not Nazis about it). Through working out and being reasonable about what I eat, in the first 60 days I lost 20 pounds and added muscle. I’ve been refining it ever since.

Functional movement, constantly varied, at high-intensity. This is what it’s all about and having Bobbi and Brandon, and their very capable staff teach, explain, and correct your movements is like having a personal trainer every day (and at a great price to boot). I’ve done the classic squats, lat pull-downs, and bench-press workout on and off my entire life. After one week I realized that I’d never actually done a full squat but rather was only doing quarter and half squats. The improved technique has taken pressure off my aging knees (the damn medicine ball under my butt fixed that pretty quickly). Understanding things such as the power of the hips in lifting, the hook grip, feet placement, and the like have helped me to understand the physiology of exercise through practice and reinforcement (watching someone half my size throw up twice the weight I could move helped me understand pretty quickly too). I now know that fitness is so much more than just strength and cardio.

All that said, I think what I like most about Sport of Fitness is the camaraderie, friendly competition, and support that each member gives one another. I played lots of sports in both recreation and competitive leagues growing up and really missed the “team” dynamic (somehow sitting in a board room or executive retreat doesn’t quite muster the same sense of team that you get doing 25 burpees side by side with someone). I get that feeling at Sport of Fitness and it is great to be part of the team. I learned to leave my ego at the door very early on (getting your ass handed to you by other men, women and high school kids on a regular basis can do that to you). However, as the weeks progressed, I began to improve my times on workouts, increase my strength, and decrease my recovery time. Soon I could compete with a couple of the others and I can now even beat a few people on my very good days. The best part is that others recognized my progress, encouraged me to try to do even better, and I in turn wanted everyone else to get their personal best each and every day.

If you want to change your life, meet some great people, and work harder than you ever have, then Sport of Fitness is the place for you. Don’t be intimidated by the workouts or videos that are posted on-line. Every one of them is imminently scalable to any fitness level. Any fitness level. No excuses. Just remember to leave your ego at the door.
— Fred McDaniel II, Ph.D. Blythewood, SC