FRIDAY 141024


Hike 2 miles (8 laps) for time (70lbs/55lbs)

One rule; no running, step it out quickly.  Back packs are highly encouraged to carry the load.  Rest as needed.  Scale weight and/or distance as needed, but not to the point of conversation.  Put out and remember the brave men and women, past and present, that give us this freedom.  Don't cherry pick this one....  Experience the hump pace under heavy load for a couple miles, then imagine 6-10 miles in boots and utilities adding flak, kevlar, and rifle.  Here's your "boot camp" workout, which somehow became a sales pitch for a fitness class most often led by folks that have never been in the military.     



Jump rope for 5-10 minutes working double-unders


Complete AMRAP in 12 minutes:

10 Kettlebell Swings (24Kg/16Kg)

15 Walking Lunge Steps

20 Double Unders

Outstanding picture here....Great example of maintaining the midline & proper barbell position in the overhead squat.  

WARNING ORDER; Recommend everyone brings a back pack sturdy and large enough to carry 70lbs/55lbs load on Friday.  Of course the weight can be scaled.....  CrossFit prepares you for the unknown and unknowable.  Let's put it to the test.